Our Vision

To see a society where sexual exploitation of girls is eradicated.

Our Mission

To provide education opportunities and psycho-social support to teenage girls in informal settlements who are at risk of resorting to prostitution and equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future.

Our Core Values

Integrity, Love and Compassion, Transparency and Accountability, Servanthood, Excellence

Our Story

Our passion runs deep and is backed by years of experience working with women in prostitution

Marcy Oyoo

Marcy has worked with girls and women who have been victims of sexual exploitation for over eight years. It is in working with women in prostitution that she learnt how many were pushed into prostitution when they were teenagers and young mothers. This influenced her decision to be part of the team that founded Ubani Trust. 

How Ubani Trust was born.

Narrated by Marcy Oyoo: In 2012, I met Anne who was 22 years old then. Ann had gotten  into prostitution when she was 9 years old. She had been staying with her grandmother and her younger siblings. Because her grandmother was old and fragile, Anne had to fend for them. She would go to the streets to beg. One day she met a man who offered to give her food on condition that she had sex with him. That is when it dawned on Anne that she could sell her body to get food for herself and her family. When we met Anne, she was malnourished, addicted to drugs and overwhelmed by her circumstances. I wondered how Anne’s life would have been different had someone rescued her when she as 9. Something in me was birthed and in 2016, together with like minded friends, we formed Ubani Trust.

Ubani is a Swahili word for incense. In the Old Testament, incense offering was made after the offerings of the animals to rid the altar of the foul smell. Our prayer for the our beneficiaries is that they will be an aroma of life and hope to those in their communities. Ubani Trust seeks to deal with issues of poverty, hopelessness and child sexual exploitation. Our goal is to restore hope and sense of dignity to the girls and community as a whole as we share Christ’s love. We work with girls between the ages of 14-20 years old who are at risk of resorting to prostitution and sexual exploitation. We seek to provide opportunities through which these girls can get an education, spiritual and psychosocial support as they navigate through life. We also provide an opportunity through which they can get a sustainable livelihood so that they would not engage into prostitution to fend for themselves.

 Ubani Trust is a member of International Christian Alliance on Prostitution (ICAP) Africa Region.

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Areas of Intervention

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Initiatives & Projects

Lighting Lives Campaign

Join us in lighting lives and bringing hope to many by donating to our cause. The funds raised will be used for setting up the social enterprise, for life skills and vocational skill training and for the basic literacy classes.

Lighting Lives Campaign

Economic Empowerment and Sustainable Livelihoods for Teenage Girls at Risk and Their Primary caregivers in Majengo (Nairobi) is a 12-month project aimed at providing teenage girls at risk in Majengo and their primary caregivers the chance to be economically independent through a group-based livelihood training and income-generating model of enterprise for the manufacture of organic soaps, shampoos, scented candles and beadwork. 

Through this project we seek to establish a social enterprise with social impacts intended to economically empower the girls’ families, prevent their sexual exploitation, equip them with financial literacy, life skills and provide psycho-social support and opportunities for informal education. 

Through the sale of these products we also want to advocate against sexual exploitation of girls in informal settlements. The girls and their primary caregivers will be at the forefront of product manufacture and marketing.  

We intend for the girls to develop skills in income generation for scaling up the project and establishment of a social enterprise.

Ubani Team

We have an amazing team who understand the vision and what needs to be done.

Marcy Oyoo

Marcy has worked with girls and women who have been victims of sexual exploitation for over eight years. It is in working with women in prostitution that she learnt how many were pushed into prostitut…
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Frank Koine

An entrepreneur in the entertainment industry, Frank Koine has vast experience in mobilizing volunteers for service. Frank served as worship Pastor and director of music and media arts at Mamlaka Hill…
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Alice Kanda

Alice is enthusiastic about empowering and supporting girls to be leaders and inspirational figures in the society Her passion is to bring healing and empowerment to girls and young women who face iss…
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Sylvia Njuki

Sylvia is a graduate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Nairobi and is currently working as a banker at Prime Bank Ltd. Sylvia is passionate about the development and psycho-social well b…
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Jaquiline Iwiya

Jaquiline has over 10 years’ experience from working with reputable multi-nationals building a strong commercial acumen with diverse experience in the Strategy, Development and the Building of brand…
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Sammy Mang’eli

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