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Our Journey to self-sustainability: Goat farming 

In April 2022 through sponsorship from Safaricom Foundation, we started goat farming to help us in our bid to become self-sustaining. 

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Restoring Lives Program: Cohort 1 Graduation

July 23, 2022 saw the graduation of 7 beneficiaries from the Restoring Hope Program. This was the first group to go through our curated program. They started out as 23 girls but due to challenges brought about by COVID-19, quite a number of them dropped off! These girls are truly our heroes! Their commitment and perseverance was worth every celebration.

Hope Centre Launch

20 August 2022, Hope Centre was opened. Hope Centre is our rescue centre for our beneficiaries in need of rescue intervention. This could be as a result of violence at home, trafficking or, as teenage mothers needing support with their children as they resume school and this support cannot be given to them by their families. It was a beautiful time joining with our community to celebrate together and dedicate the house! We are grateful for partners and friends who made this possible.

USA Visit and ICAP Conference 

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Between 7-11 November, 2022, we had the privilege of being represented at ICAP Global Conference by three of us. The conference happens every three years and the last time it had happened was 2017. It was such a time of refreshing listening from other Christian practitioners, learning from each other and encouraging one another. We also got the opportunity to sell some of the Ubani Products. We also used this time to meet our ministry partners and make more friends. 

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Experientials: Karura Hike, Safari Walk and Nairobi Show

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For our experiential classes, we usually incorporate activities like hiking, camping, treasure hunts, visits to different places like the museums and Safari walks. Other than for curated lessons that come with these classes, we use this as opportunities to expose the girls. We had a group do a hike at Karura Forest while the teenage mothers at the shelter visited Safari walk together with their children. There was also a visit to the Nairobi Trade Fair at the Jamhuri Show Grounds.

Restoring Lives Program: Cohort 2 Graduation

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On the 5th of August, 11 young ladies graduated from our program having completed the training and counseling. This was a very special day and unlike the previous graduation, those graduating adorned gown made by Ubani Trust. We had different stakeholders from the community come celebrate with us. 

A Visit by Samaritan's Purse Canada

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We had the privilege of hosting Kathryn and Joy from the Samaritan's Purse Canada, who are one of our key program supporters. They were coming to learn more about our programs and also to encourage the team. The staff team had a fun day of Ziplining and archery at Kereita Forest courtesy of Samaritan's Purse Canada. The visit was refreshing to the team and the girls too.

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2023 was a busy year for the beneficiaries. We got orders for supplying lanyards for some conferences. This meant work and eventually some income for the girls. It was a good time to teach the girls about the value of work, some work ethics and the reward of work. We also provided hosting services for Mozfest 2023. It was a good experience for the girls!

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