Ubani Trust Land


Our initiatives will enable our organization to run smoothly and become self-sustaining. Take a look at what we have done so far. 

  • Ubani Trust Land with Goats

    Shamba Project 

    Ubani Trust in partnership with Safaricom Foundation has embarked on a farming project to make Ubani Trust self-sustaining. The project includes tapping water on our land which will be used to grow crops and rear goats. We intend to use our farm products for income generation.

  • Ubani Trust Land

    The Hope Center Project 

    The Center will have: ​

    • A halfway house for girls seeking rehabilitation. In the halfway house, we will provide an environment for the girls to focus on their healing and transformation.

    • A daycare facility for toddlers. Most of our beneficiaries are young mothers. As they work or attend classes, their children can stay safe in daycare.

    • A production and training hub. The hub will house the vocational skills training center and a production unit for all our products.  

    • An experiential facility for training vulnerable girls and boys to equip them with skills for life. The center will have camping and outdoor amenities.

    • A Farm to provide food for everyone in the center. 


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