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  • Marcy Oyoo

Tailor Made for Greatness | Ubani Trust

A picture of a sewing machine

For other like-minded humans, this could be a symbol of a mother's love. My mum, being a teacher, did not need to learn how to sew but sought to learn dressmaking to make clothes for her family. She ended up using her skills only in repairing our clothes; all in all, that was a representation of her love.

For many of the friends I grew up with, it is a symbol of sustenance. It is through tailoring that their parents were able to take them through school and provide a roof over their heads and bring home the bacon. Yet for others, it is a representation of their hobbies and passion for fashion: something they love doing for fun; a worthy pass time. For the girls in Ubani Trust, we pray that this will symbolize transformation and new beginnings.

While some of our girls are on the road to self-actualization, most do not know their potential or envision having a career. For some, this is a result of hope differed and the ordeals that they have faced in life.

I pray that during their tailoring learning process, they will discover their giftings and passion. As they create, they will be reminded of their creator, and become a true representation of his image and likeness. May they know that something good can come out of them or their lives.

We pray that to the girls, this will be a symbol of dignity. The right way of earning an income and a glimmer of hope for their sustenance. Through the skill, they will find opportunities to fend for themselves and their children. They will be able to afford proper housing with amenities such as toilets and bathrooms, and even good education for their children. We pray that other than seeing prostitution as the only income-generating activity, they will find other alternatives.

For Ubani, we pray this will be an emblem of job creation. What if this small enterprise grew in such a way that we could employ the girls and their families? That this will be a symbol for biblical compassion and a testimony to the community that love exists and people care.

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