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Ubani Trust is a Faith-based Charitable Trust registered in 2016 in Nairobi City, Kenya. We seek to end child sexual exploitation of teenage girls in informal settlements of the city who are at potential risk by providing psychosocial care and support and holistic interventions for their education, spiritual and emotional care, personal development and economic empowerment.

We envision seeing a society where no girl will be forced either by circumstances or individuals to resort to prostitution in order to survive. We firmly believe that prostitution is exploitation of the girls’ rights and seek to provide alternative opportunities for their holistic growth and development. Our interventions ensure the emotional, spiritual, mental, physical and social wellbeing of our beneficiaries are taken care of.

Ubani is a Swahili word for incense. Our prayer is that the lives of the girls will rise as incense to God and that they will be an aroma of life and hope to those around them. We have seen this come alive in the lives of the girls since our inception. 

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education opportunities and psychosocial support to teenage girls in informal settlements who are at risk of resorting to prostitution and equipping them to build a life of freedom, faith and a strong future

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see sexual exploitation of girls eradicated!

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