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Refuge of Hope

Over the course of working within our community, there was a great need of rescue interventions for our beneficiaries whose homes were not safe. These were as results of domestic violence; human trafficking; teenage pregnancy with no or little support from home or child labour.

Our shelter has provided refuge for our beneficiaries, allowed young mothers to resume school and provided a tranquil space for them to heal and be whole



Psychosocial Interventions

These are interventions geared towards the holistic well-being of our beneficiaries. They include:

1. Trauma informed counselling
2. Art Therapy
3. Sports Therapy
4. Life skills Training
5. Pastoral and Spiritual care
6. Family intervention and therapy
7. Drug and substance rehabilitation

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Economic Empowerment Initiatives

Ensuring our beneficiaries achieve economic freedom will go a long way in reducing their risk of exploitation. We do this through:

1. Facilitating financial literacy classes
2. Vocational skills training to equip them with trade skills
3. Business management classes
4. Provision of seed capital for those wishing to set up businesses
5. Job references through our networks
6. Apprenticeship programs through which our beneficiaries get  hands-on-job learning experience.
7. Employment at Ubani Crafts: our social enterprise arm.

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Education and School Support

At Ubani, we believe education plays a very key role in breaking the cycle of poverty. For us this works both as a preventative and rescue interventions. Taking our beneficiaries to boarding schools removes them from environment that predisposes them to exploitation. Through education, our beneficiaries acquire skills to pursue professional careers. The support is in form of provision of school requirements e.g. school fees; uniforms and books; and tutoring.

This is done for those in secondary and tertiary institutions.

Help us keep our programs running through your support!

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